What if mankind had never evolved? What would another species have done with the chance to create civilization? H. H. Sunro, in his startling first novel, explores what such a world would look like – a world ruled by birds! Not only has he created a complex and detailed advanced bird civilization; he has written a captivating tale of adventure to lead us through it.

 Windlandia is the compelling story of the life of a young osprey, Fable Truetongue, and his adventures in the Kingdom of Avilea. Born in a stick nest in the North Windland, Fable's unique ability to speak not only to birds, but also to furbeasts, brings him to the attention of competing factions within the kingdom who wish to exploit his gift for their own special interests. The young osprey’s simple life is torn apart as he is sent away from family and friends to the heart of the empire. His journey south to the capital of the Eagle Kingdom starts him on a long journey through discovery, danger and coming of age. As Fable travels from the outer provinces to the teeming metropolis, his life and world become more complicated … interconnected … manipulated. Trusting to his native concepts of honor, dignity and justice, the determined osprey battles against the push and pull of a vast bird domain with its own entrenched ideas of duty, propriety and power.

 Windland Press is pleased to announce the publication of Book One of H. H. Sunro’s epic bird novel, Windlandia, a Saga from the Age of Wings. Sunro has produced an exciting, challenging and unique novel - setting the benchmark for serious avian fiction. Within a world ruled by birds of prey, with an aristocracy of raptors, a gifted young osprey becomes involved in the middle of a civilization-wide conflict; an engaging tale replete with action, humour, love, power and intrigue. 

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Title: Windlandia                                         Windland Press

Author: H. H. Sunro                                    Allan Maki, Publisher

Format: Paperback Perfect Bound            17115 Agate Street NE

ISBN-13: #9780979344305                        Bainbridge Island, WA 98110-1063

LCCN: #2007923975                                  573-382-1776

Publisher: Windland Press               

Number of Pages: 385                      

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